Married: Erica & Matt

Happy 2014 everyone! I had a lovely week off from work between Christmas and New Years and it was filled with lots of time spent with family, catching up with friends over drinks, exchanging gifts, eating delicious food and in general having a lot of fun! Although ten days of fun has caught up with me and I am now battling a cold. In good timing though Boston got hit with 15 inches of snow over the last 24 hours so we had a snow day today - giving me the perfect opportunity to rest and catch up on some photo editing.


One of my best friends, Erica, and her fiancΓ©, Matt, got engaged back in May when they purchased their first house together.  I was on vacation with Dean visiting close friends in San Francisco when we got the news they were engaged.  We were standing at the top of Lombard Street, surrounded by tourists taking photos, when we got the text and stopped dead in our tracks squealing a little and staring at the small photo of her beautiful ring. They had been planning for a wedding in June 2014 but about a month or two ago we received a text saying that they had decided to push the wedding up to December 29th and to have it be a surprise!  


The plan was to invite everyone to their house for a housewarming party and when people arrived they would break the news that they were getting married that afternoon.  After people arrived at their house, everyone headed  to 2 Hopewell, an adorable restaurant down the street from them, to have the ceremony and the reception.  


It was a great wedding, full of small touches that were personalized to them. The only people that knew ahead of time were their parents, siblings and the wedding party. I don't think I could ever pull off a surprise wedding because I would be a huge basket case of stress trying to keep it secret but it was perfect for them.  


Erica asked me to take some photos for them and I was honored to be the one to document their special day. Being a bridesmaid and the photographer was a little challenging, along with the challenges that come with photographing inside a building on a winter day without a flash - but I have to say I am pretty happy with how the images came out!  


Congrats to Erica & Matt - I wish you guys  all the best!