Day Trip: Apple Picking

Happy Fall! I have so many photos from the summer, it's just a matter of getting them organized and edited to post on here. My ultimate goal is to revamp my website and refresh the older images with more updated ones. In the meantime, New England has turned from ample green and hot days into blazing trees and cool breezes. Like most people in New England, fall is one of my favorite times of year. It's always such a nice relief from the heat of July and August. 

Weekends have returned! For a while we were traveling every single weekend. Which I can't complain about, but it does feel good to have no agenda on the weekends again. This weekend we headed out on Saturday to pick apples at Doe Orchards. We had never been before, but it was a great experience. It was simple, just an orchard and small farm stand to pay at - none of the extra donuts, pumpkin patches, and hay rides - but I am okay with that. It was a lovely, quiet afternoon roaming around the orchard and picking apples. 


With the apples that we picked I decided to make apple crisp last night. I've been trying to limit my sugar intake over the last two weeks and eat simple, whole foods so I opted for this recipe that sweetened the apples with maple syrup and substituted butter with coconut oil. I would highly recommend the recipe, my only suggestion is to add cinnamon and chopped nuts to the crumble topping. 

Photographing in orchards is always one of my favorite spots to photograph. I did a really fun shoot two years ago with my friend Erica in her orchard. I especially love the autumn sun. It spends less time directly overhead so it creates beautiful sun flares and golden tone glows. While this may be really infuriating while driving in a car, it is a photographer's dream :)