Month in Photographs // 01

Happy New Year! I’m starting a series here on the blog to share photographs from the month that aren’t session related. I’m a big advocate for photographs being shared and printed instead of sitting in your camera roll never to be seen again. Photos are how I remember the important moments and looking back on them brings me so much joy.

These are photographs from weekend adventures, everyday life, and things that inspired me this month.

2020 brought lots of unexpected change for everyone and one of those changes for Dean and I was moving out of New York City. Our lease ended in August and we had the chance to put all of our belongings in storage and stay at his parent’s summer house at the beach in Delaware. We’re grateful for this opportunity to save money and it’s been fun to explore the shoreline, especially in the winter months.

We welcomed the new year by spending the afternoon at one of our favorite spots near the shore, The Point, which is a stretch of sand and dunes that juts out into the Atlantic Ocean that you can walk the perimeter of. It’s always a quiet spot, with a view of the ocean that goes on for miles, and lots of sea birds to watch.

Dean got a telescope for Christmas and we spent most of the month looking for the moon on cloudless nights. He spent most clear nights out in the backyard waiting for the perfect moment to capture these photos and I love them so much. Phases of the moon are such a reminder that while things are ever-changing, there is a cycle to everything.

This month I intentionally got off social media and was extremely mindful of my screen time overall. This left lots of time for new ways to spend my time and one of those was by starting to run. I’ve never been a big runner but I wanted to do something that would get me outside each day and get my heart pumping. The craziest part of it? I’m actually enjoying it! And we’ve spent at least one day per weekend going to new spots along the coast to run and take in the scenery, which is so lovely.

I always think of winter as “Museum Season” because it’s usually too cold to do anything else besides hole up in a museum on a weekend afternoon. Well, we won’t be going to visit museums anytime soon but we found Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania and day tripped up there on a cold Saturday afternoon to wander around the grounds. We went from meadows to forests to treehouses and it was so nice to get fresh air. Afterward, we grabbed beers on the patio at Braeloch Brewery and popped our heads into The Kennett Bookhouse for a quick, masked up browse.

I also dove into some really great books this month. Seeing a stack of favorite reads never fails to make me happy. Monogamy by Sue Miller was one of my favorites from the month.

We ended the month by taking a day trip up to Philly. We were missing the city energy and decided to take a drive and walk around the city for the afternoon. It was only my second time visiting and it’s such a beautiful city. We wandered around (on quite possibly the coldest day of the month?) admiring the nooks and crannies, climbed the steps at the art museum, and ended the afternoon by eating fancy pizza and drinking takeaway cocktails parked in the car because, you know, COVID.

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