Portland, Maine WEDDING and COUPLES Photographer

I'm a natural observer — which is why I'm drawn to the camera. I love to document those fleeting moments that, as a whole, make up our lives. I grew up in a large family and have many memories of big family events. I love looking back through boxes and boxes of those photos and seeing those fleeting moments captured, those moments that make up our lives. To me, there is nothing better than being able to flip through photos and relive a moment, a memory, or a feeling. Your wedding day will undoubtedly go by in the blink of an eye (mine did!), and I love being able to capture those big — and small — moments forever for you.

I'm Michelle, a Portland, Maine based wedding and couples photographer who is inspired by quiet and authentic moments.

I love that photographs have the power to make us nostalgic, and I love that my job is to create those images for you. I bring a thoughtful, authentic, and creative approach to my photography so that your photos will feel exactly like you - tears, belly laughs, hand squeezes and all. I'm here to tell your story so you can be fully present together. 

But the photography isn't just about the day of. It's about the planning leading up to it as well. I will be there to nail down the small details with you, provide tips and my expertise, and create a photography timeline tailored to your celebration so that you don't even have to give it a second thought on your day. That's what I'm there for! 

Capturing your BIG...and SMALL...MOMENTS.

We can now look back and remember the exact feelings and emotions we felt on that day. She has a great presence and brought a nice calm to what could have been a whirlwind of a day.

Michelle has an eye for capturing QUIET, INTIMATE moments.

She made shooting so relaxing and effortless and kept us on schedule without making the day feel rushed or stressful. Our families and friends enjoyed her presence and the photos speak for themselves. 

We couldn't be happier with the memories we can now cherish forever!

She was professional and communicative from day one, so I never had to worry (which is a major plus on such a busy day). I love her artistic photo style and so many people reached out to me to comment how beautiful the photos turned out.

What stood out to me the most was how seamlessly she fit into our day.

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